Atherleys Bakery
Family owned bakery in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, serving freshly baked quality goods.
Conversion from existing, basic Wordpress website into Custom HCI CMS website, complete with new images and responsive design.
HCI was tasked with rebuilding, from scratch, a website that already existed inside a WordPress content management system and bringing it into our custom CMS. Provided with an impressive array of high-quality images, the site was built around showcasing Atherleys fantastic selection of breads, savouries, cakes and more. 

By creating different custom tables for the products, the ease-to-use nature of the CMS allows the staff at Atherleys to log-on and create entries for any new products they're serving, each with an accompanying image and description.

A 'Latest News' section was also implemented, allowing Atherleys to keep their readers and potential customers up-to-date with what's happening down at the shop.
Services Provided
Content Management Systems
Website Design
Search Engine Optimisation