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SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing

Whatever your budget we can assist in developing an online marketing strategy for you that will help drive visitors to your website.

Search engine optimisation is all about increasing your search engine rankings for chosen search terms. Working closely with you, we will determine the keywords and phrases linked to the products and services essential to your business. Once these keywords and phrases have been identified, we will begin the process of assessing your website and its content to make sure we are maximising their effect.

Optimisation Effort

Our optimisation effort is holistic in its approach. In that we aim to utilise and link up all the main optimisation methods to achieve the maximum effect. During this process we will generally:

  • Install Google analysis tools
  • Make changes to the underlying code behind your website. There are certain elements and tags which search engines use to assess a page’s importance.
  • Look at your websites structure and the page URL's
  • Look at page titles
  • Look at page content, including headings
  • Page linking
  • Correct use of image tags

Along side this we also perform external optimisation. This refers to work that is not on your website but might still influences your search engine ranking. Much of this effort takes the form of linking with external websites and social media.

We do not use the "dark arts" when optimising a website, and are very open about how we aim to boost your ranking. Contact us to discuss how we can improve your rankings today!

Social Media

More and more businesses are taking advantage of social media to reach their customers. We can help you get up and running with FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn or help improve your current social media setup. We help ensure you have consistent branding across your accounts and set up feeds from your website or application to post updates automatically. Your accounts can all be linked so that you do not need to update each one individually.

Online Marketing

Your website is fast becoming your main point of contact for existing and potential customers. Avialable 24/7, via a variety of devices, it makes sense to maximise its marketing potential. The use of signposts and 'call's to action' perform an essential part of a modern website, with the ability to engage and capture customer details a major part of this. These details can then be utilised in conjunction with newsletters, bulletins or emails, sent from your website. With our background in programming, we are able to automate and simplify the whole process, making connecting with your customers a painless process.

We adopt the latest technologies available to create the perfect designs and software that meet the client's needs.
What other services do we offer?
We invest the same effort in every project to ensure our websites look good, and are easy to navigate and use.
Housing PFI contracts place a significant reporting burden on Housing Associations and their partners. Our PFI Performance Reporting Software dramatically reduces the time and effort required to comply with the contractual reporting requirements of these projects.
Whatever your budget we can assist in developing an online marketing strategy for you that will help drive visitors to your website.