Case Study
York Cycleworks
Image-driven CMS website accompanied by a bespoke products database with links to external APIs.
HCI was tasked with designing a brand new site that York Cycleworks could use as a vehicle to showcase their impressive array of products, knowledge of the field, and involvement in the cycling community.

York Cycleworks is a local, independent and friendly bike shop that has been around since 1980. They came to us needing a complete overhaul of their current design; changes to website structure, colour theme and content. 

York Cycleworks Homepage
Striking Imagery

The client was lucky enough to have a whole host of readily available images at their disposal, including photos from past cycle events that have taken place in and around the city of York. A selection of stunning, scenic shots combined with images of hard grit and determination allowed us to explore different ways of getting the client's ethos across to their customers.

Custom Products

We created an interface for the client to be able to easily import products into the content management system, ensuring they can keep up to date with the stock they receive from their distributors. A method of searching through these was needed to allow the user to filter by category, size, price and anything else that would make the user experience simpler. A product page was then added where the user can view high-resolution images and specific details about individual components of that product.

Custom Product Image
Optimised For Mobile Image
Optimised for Mobile

We always stress the importance of having a clean and simple mobile design to our clients. This is exactly what we aimed to achieve with the York Cycleworks site. No unnecessary clutter in the header, lightweight images are used to ensure a quick first load from a mobile device. Keeping all this in mind whilst we initially structured the site, we were able to come up with a mobile design that we believe gives enough space for the important content whilst not losing any of the less-important stuff.

Designed for Usability

Everything the user needs to navigate the site is tucked away off-screen in the navigation, accessible with an easy-to-reach hamburger icon in the bottom corner. Collapsible menus and a clear, crisp font makes it easy for the user to get from A to B.

Designed for Usability
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